Great Careers Conference

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Organized by The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, the goal of the conference is to educate high school students about careers they can pursue through certificated, apprenticeship, or two-year degree programs.

The day is filled with speakers in student selected career choices (see below), soft skills 101, lunch and a college campus visit. District supported transportation as well as lunch are provided for all students!  

Airline Careers*Artistic Design*Automotives* Careers in Aerospace*Careers in Sales*Careers in Sports Medicine & Wellness *Careers with Animals *Computer Aided & 3D Drafting*Computer Systems *Construction*Cosmetology*Criminology*Culinary & Hospitality *Early Childhood Education *Fireman & EMT*Law Enforcement*Medical Careers *Military Careers *Sustainability*Video Game & Media Production*Web Design & Interactive Media

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