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8.29.17 Tips for the first Day

Make sure your students know who you are AND what to expect during the school year. Make your expectations and procedures clear. Include these in your syllabus as well so your parents and administrators are kept in on the loop. If you need tips view the power points included in the Classroom management plans tip sheet.

10.6.17 Student Growth Goals

Ensure your student growth goals are SMART. All data used needs to be quantitative, for example their test scores will increase by ____%. If you would like some extra help preparing your student growth goals let Lisa or Steve know and we will be happy to come out and assist you.

10.19.17 Pathway Advisory Committee

Our first PAC (Pathway Advisory Committee) meeting is 11.7.17. Be sure to attend so you can connect with industry members on the curriculum you are discussing in your classrooms. We will provide the dinner, you provide the conversation! Also, your CTSOs can sell something at the CTSO marketplace if they so choose.

1.4.18 End of Semester Prep

As we head into the end of semester 1; ensure you are preparing your classroom for a new group of kids. This may include planning a clean-up day for each class to ensure everything is neat and tidy when your new students arrive on Tuesday, January 30. Now is the time to re-evaluate your units of study and policies and procedures. Are there any you might add or remove for semester 2? Reflecting out loud or with peers may be beneficial.