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8.14.18 Tips for the first Day

Make sure your students know who you are AND what to expect during the school year. Make your expectations and procedures clear. Include these in your syllabus as well so your parents and administrators are kept in on the loop. If you need tips view the power points included in the Classroom management plans tip sheet.

11.14.18 Self-Care is Important

As teachers and students head into the Holiday season at the end of the calendar year, student behaviors can ramp up. This might mean that either excitement or anxiety causes students to display undesirable behaviors. As teachers we need to understand that these actions do not necessarily reflect on you, your content or your practice. They are simply a result of this stressful time of year.

When you go to class be prepared with a plan to address these behaviors. Letting students know that your classroom is a safe space for learning might help remove the edge.

It is also important that teachers practice self-care. You cannot give attention and reinforcement if you have no emotional capacity for it. Take some time for yourself each day to refill your cup. This might mean being engaged in dinner with your family or meditating to some relaxing music. Try to keep your emotional cup full so you are able to help your students.

1.25.19 A new semester can mean a new start

Welcome to the end of semester 1! You made it in tact and certainly not the worse for wear. Use semester 2 to try new strategies for beginning classes. If you didn’t like the way semester 1 went, try new expectations or try sticking to your existing expectations. This time of year is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to start over with a completely new group of students.

Enjoy the new start and use it to your benefit!