NJROTC's Drill Season Completion

Patriot Company completed their drill season by participating in the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference Championships at Oregon City High School in Oregon City, Oregon.  The Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference is made up of 32 JROTC high schools from throughout the Puget Sound area.  The Regional Championships pits the best teams from the conference against one another in order to determine the very best teams and the best overall school  in the conference. Patriot Company qualified the following teams:

Color Guard Team 1  (Olivia Van Ry, Kerrek Matson, Daniel Tsang,  Colby Van Ry)
Color Guard Team 2 (Faith Ellis, Mathea Caole, Chandler Alexander, Carson Tucker)
Physical Fitness Team (Justin Le, Taylor Nicole Le, Emily Lew, Kaitlin Lew, Daniel Tsang)
Academics Team (Lenna Weiss, Evan Rosenflet, Jacob Hill, Carson Tucker, Khanh Dao)
Precision Air Rifle (Faith Ellis, Chandler Alexander, Olivia Van Ry, Christopher Lew, Mathea Caole)