Patriot Company Happenings

Captain Deehr and Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Lenna Weiss attended the Cascade Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution annual awards dinner.   At the dinner, Cadet Weiss was awarded their Outstanding Cadet Medal and a $300.00 scholarship check.

32 cadets and chaperones toured the USS Gridley (DDG 101), one of the newer guided missile destroyers in the US Navy inventory, at Naval Station Everett.  Cadets toured the combat information center, hangar bay and flight deck, boat deck, berthing, mess decks, missile & gun deck, close-in weapons system (CIWS), forecastle, and bridge.  

Patriot Company held their third annual Campus Clean-up.  Captain Deehr, Chief Spears and 34 cadets spent 3.5 hours  scouring the campus grounds and surrounding areas.  In that time they collected and disposed of nearly 400 pounds of garbage and debris.  Please do your part to keep our campus trash free!