Our department is here to support you so that you can provide the best educational experience to our students. There are many different situations that require details that might be out of the normal routine. Below are the basics to purchasing. Please email or call ( 425-837-7045) Jennifer to verify your process!

Please follow these steps. If you have any questions at all, contact Jennifer Kirsch!

  1. Check that your items/services are in your budget that you submitted in June: Budget Site

    • If it is not in your budget and is an emergency, add a request and then email Lesha that you have done so. Do not purchase until it has been approved.

  2. How would you like for this to be paid? There are 3 options listed below:

    • Purchase Order: Complete a Purchase Order Requisition Form with the most current pricing and item numbers and send this to Jennifer.

      • Jennifer will order your items/service.

        • Special circumstances exist where you might need to do more. Jennifer will contact you if this is the case.

      • Once you receive your order, check that all items have been received.

      • If you require service on equipment, please send a copy of the invoice to Jennifer.

    • Materials Reimbursement: Purchase items yourself and turn in itemized receipt(s) using a Materials Reimbursement Form.

      • There is a maximum of $350 per day, per vendor using this form (make sure to read the “District Policy” section of the form)

      • Send the form and original itemized receipt to Jennifer.

    • Open Purchase Order: In a few cases you may need to have an Open Purchase Order (PO) with a vendor (might make multiple purchases throughout the year).

      • Start with a Purchase Order Requisition Form and send to Jennifer.

      • Once the Open PO is in place please send Jennifer all receipts within 2 days and include the PO number and your signature on the receipt.

      • Please track your expenditures against the Open PO. If you need additional funds approved, let Jennifer know so she can get Lesha’s approval and advise our Accounting department.

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